Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Perry Can!

Hee hee.

If Trish hadn't made a Pelican deco and I hadn't signed up for it...I doubt very highly that I would have ever drawn, carved, and printed a pelican. So glad I did! And Trish, so glad you did - thank you!!

not so all-fired hot today, although...still purty darn warm, enough to draw out bucketloads of sweat from me for a short (20? minute) ride downtown to the post office. Went there instead of my own PO because 'downtown' (Eugene) is on the way to AJ's and AJ threw a Tea Party. Yummy cucumber sammiches, and 'surprise' sammiches too (all with the crust cut off): cream cheese and salsa...and marmalade?! Wow, surprisingly good.

My dad wrote me the greatest letter - email - that I read this morning. What a nice surprise. And we have both been eating pizza on the same day! Unbeknownst to either of us! Thanks for the letter Dad, I'll be catching up on emails soooooon.

Big honkin' mail out day to me. I overextended myself - I mailed out a dozen things. Not just postcards, but letters, care packages, decos. I need to pare it back, and do more Mail Art (as in, for Mail Art calls 'round the globe, I LOVE doing that), ATCs...I dunno...get a second job? I recoil at the mere idea - when would I ever do art? I mean, I just can't afford twenty dollars a week for postage. It's not always like that but DAMN. I didn't realize I'd signed up for so many projects and swaps. And it was all very fun but....yikes. It'll be a leaner grocery shopping trip this week. No problem. I know how to do that, and I've got grains and beans galore, so it's all good.

Oh - I like the word 'pulse' for grains. Isn't that great? I think so.

Off to sleepsville with me.


e g g s h e l l - o r c h e s t r a said...

how do you switch "comments" to "huzzahs"?! thats frickin high-larious!


V.K. said...

hey thanks for visiting! got your email...um er it's late but I learned it from doing a 'view source' in my browser. Some other Blogger had put 'smooches' and I wondered how too...then I just looked for the source code and matched it up with the spot in the Blogger template...oo-er it's late, I'll try to get back with ya on that.....

Tonje said...

Your Perry can is adorable... He is sooo cute with that big head... I want to cuddle him...