Tuesday, June 20, 2006

small miracles

...one being that I am still awake. I refuse to look at the clock. I even have a small kerchief draped over the corner of my computer screen to block out the clock there. I don't work tomorrow, but it's a psychological thing, ya know?

The other small miracle is that I did laundry and while I was hanging it all up to dry on the back balconey, a single untorn, unshredded paper napkin was among the cleans. Wow! Must have been from work...I grab a few now and then because honestly, I refuse to buy napkins. Now you know just how much of a scrounge I am. But don't worry, if I come to visit you, your soap slivers are safe from me. So is your medicine cabinet and your leftover fruitcake...no I take that back, you better secure the fruitcake.

I did art today, but no carvings. I have quite a number of swaps to get done by month's end, decos too, so I did those and posted them over this-a-way. Mailed off a bunch of mail art, too.

I think I am done with the long long bike rides for awhile. That was fun, but I got my fill. Still went for a nice hour long one but I didn't push it too hard. I think my OCD's were kicking in (in addition to just feeling good enough and strong enough to go further and further)...not good to indulge those things so much for me.

And I took some pictures of my bathroom. Yah I know it's kinda strange. But I love my bathroom. It's roomy, especially for an apartment, and now that it's sunny again, the whole room is illuminated in the afternoons. And it's warmer these months and I leave the window open too...I just really like it.

oh I KNOW it's late...need to go zonk...


Etayne said...

Hey girl!
I love Victoria's magentic puppet theater!
bark woof, gnash teeth!
Headign to my cubby hole of a bathroom. (jelaous)

Tonje said...

Nice bathroom... I like that bovine... uh... something... Looks like a good size for a bathroom too.... Mine is just small... but then again I've got three of them.... makes for a lot of cleaning...

I'm gonna head over and have a look at your arty things now...


V.K. said...

hey girls...thanks for visitez-moi-ing - cheers to you and I am not jealous of three bathrooms oh no.