Thursday, June 29, 2006

pieces of puzzles

I sketched out this ATC earlier today before work. I took some photos of myself, after being inspired again by David Mack and his Kabuki series (graphic novel). My drawing's a little more off today, but that's okay. I am still drawing and having a blast with it. I inked this one in partially on my lunch hour and then came home and finished it up. Also sketched out a portrait for another carving. I can carve or ink another ATC in that I drew this morning.

and...drumroll...I am truly going to bed early! Earlier. I gotta get up and open up shop tomorrow, early turnabout day. A good day today, it's really doing the summer thing and staying warm...I really like it. I had one wish, to fit back into some shorts this summer that I've not worn for a couple years. Then along came Mail Art and I refocused my attention, got absorbed and excited about it all...walked a lot this last winter, dropped a couple sizes and wow. My shorts fit! I wore them on my long walk to the bus stop and I gotta say, it just feels good. Not that my thighs don't rub or my belly doesn't roll but you know? My body feels better for shedding a bit. Yay!

snoozing soon!

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