Friday, June 16, 2006


jolly good 'eve to you and you! all y'all! Get this: I had a Lucky Dream last night (hey, I'll take what I can get) with a guy who seemed strangely, vaguely familiar. This afternoon I'm shelving mags and GAH! It's him! I literally have not seen the guy in months. I used to work downstairs in circulation, and I saw everyone who came in and out of the building. That was last autumn; I've been upstairs for months and I can't rightly say as I've seen the dude since. Or thought of him, for that matter.

He seemed rather snobbish. Today. But I guess anything less than last night would seem so. Oh, for pete's sake. The brain. Too funny though! Shyeah!

I am listening to an amazing group of musicians, a local (Portland) band called King Black Acid. Man, I wish they'd make more music. Their last album was...ahhhh...way too long ago...five years I think. You know those achey bittersweet energizing songs? That's the way they do for me. Sigh...gah!

I sketched on lunch again today. I really like this. I love sinking down into that feeling of - focused otherspace. Yeah well it's kind of an altered mood so no wonder I like it. But it's safe. As long as I don't ignore my friends. Or sacrifice sleep or food. Too much. Anyway....this is what happened after I carved it up and printed it this evening:

I think it's done, but I'm not entirely sure. Time might tell. Didn't know that this is what was going to happen. See that is why it's like magic, it is so COOL and I get to be a part of it! Anyone can! That's the beauty! GAH!

I'd like to use it in some upcoming swaps but it's not ATC sized. But influences are Alex Grey and Samuel Casal (warning - resizes your browser big time!), I am sure, oh and also Michael Manning (CAVEAT! Manning is erotic and explicit art and definitely not up everyone's alley!! But this link takes you to an intro page that has no erotic art, just one of his illustrations that will probably give you a real good idea anyway of what his style is like). And there are some ATC swaps I have yet to really buckle down and do, for Favorite Artist Inspired, and also Black and White for themes. Hmmm....

Here are three day's worth of shavings from carving:

Which obviously I zoomed in on, but the pile looks ginormous when in fact, it would all fit nicely inside a table spoon. Amazing! Such an innocuous pile of scrap, and the scooped-out parts make designs on paper with ink! GAH!

It's like...the whole alchemical process. Take - okay, take stuffing. You got some grain, you thresh it, harvest it, grind it, make flour. Then you mix dry flour with some wet stuff, and make dough. Then you bake it and make it dry again, and then, you dry it out even further, into bread crumbs. Then you wet it again with broth and spices, or stuff it inside a bird cavity, which will make it wet, and then you bake it again, which dries it out somewhat, and then when you finally eat it it's moist - and then you make it wet again in your mouth and down it goes into Very Wet Tummy get the idea, eh? Wow. To me anyway.

I am not done exploring Mina to Watashi either, though! I have another idea waiting in the wings. Etayne wrote that in german (right?) mina means love, or is an old word for love. That is soooo great - thanks Etayne! The story is becoming richer and richer and you are all a part of it. Er..everyone is....

I guess I'm not gonna catch up on all you lovelies and your emails and stuff again! It's 11pm already. But I'm waving atcha and thinking about all of you 'tis true!

Oh yes and Josie is home from the hospital, so far so good. Whew. And whew!!

s'laters and sweet dreams

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