Wednesday, June 14, 2006

the day in a nutshell

I woke up completely poofy-eyed and squinty and pretty much stayed that way all day. I wonder if I rode through some huge pollen colony yesterday? GOD I felt awful for most of the day today, kinda like when I came off that anesthesia cocktail in March, yick!

Here I am this morning, and I've been up a couple hours. I think I managed to wash my face, but it's bedhead, no doubt about that. Jeez, one of these days I'm gonna go in for a hair trimming. I've been hacking away at it myself for months now. Eeek.

I did manage to do some printing this morning, cutting up cards takes a fair bit of time! I made some bread but even it got the funky vibe. It's all..chunky and squatty. Wha-?

It had been rising beautifully for weeks now. Hummm....

I glazed the last of my little funny faces too. A frightful one, seems appropriate:

This dude, you could scoop up in a teaspoon and he'd fit with some room to gape even wider.

If you wanna, you can see the whole family in this photo album.

Wheeled myself over to the post office (under my own power, I might add) and mailed off that magnet swap (which is what the funny faces were originally all about), some decos, and prints. Went for a short ride, didn't push the pace AT ALL, was very nice and I think the blood circulating helped wring out the worst of whatever had inundated my system. Came back and hey! I made some gorgeous corn bread! I ate about five slabs of it.

It's later now, and I still look pretty drug-out, shyeah:

(and YES, I washed my hair! ...can't you tell?!)

And finally, my third in the series of tiny carvings about the friends who share (mina to watashi - japanese for 'everyone and I'...that may be a botched job, maybe Japanese folk don't say so-and-so and I so...maybe I'll change the names a bit, but it's a work in progress). I didn't print it, I just went ahead and used a regular ol' stamp pad. Too tired to cut up nice paper and/or color it. I think I may just print this one plain anyway, maybe use it for some ATCs as well, regular-sized ones, since the other three I did fulfill one swap committment.

Mmmm...I like it for the most part. It was hard to do; my drawings are becoming increasingly complex for such a miniscule format (yah remember it's a 1 x 2.5" eraser!). Ooh but we love challenges, don't we?!

That's a wrap - I'm gonna go rest me eyes.


Etayne said...

Hey girl!
Looking at your blog to see what you've been up too is fast becoming one of my morning rituals!
:::giggle::: oops on that bread, eh?
Love the art work, keep it coming.

Veronica said...

Hey V
You are such a talented artist woman. Rawr!!!! Your carvings are mesmerizing.....I love them muchly.

Veronica said...

Oh ya and yer purty.....

V.K. said...

oh stop you two...hee hee, thanks though, sheesh. So nice to see you both. I can still manage to type bewteen the slits that have become my eyelids. I can't wait to do more carving!