Sunday, June 25, 2006

le jardin de nuit

So, here it is...nuit. And it's cooled down a bit. Whooo. Tryin' to get the air circulating in here some more.

Here is my first stab at layering gel medium transfers, and I made a small deco for a swap. The under-layer (the pinkish/greenish pattern) is from an earlier try, many weeks ago. I had saved it just in case, and I'm glad I did. It'll be fun to play around with this more and refine the process. I had happened to find a color copy inside of a magazine that made an okay transfer (glossy pages don't work). The picture is one I drew for an ATC swap. I just took a photo of myself and started drawing and for some reason (and for the first time ever in my ATC-making-career) I made photocopies of it and another on saturday. I had no designs on making transfers...but it all worked out quite nicely!

I painted a lot with my fingers today - that's why I include a shot of the backside there. Dabbling sorta day - was great.

And then a picture for a Same Image Round Robin project. I finally remembered that I probably had some bigger/fatter permanent markers. It was beginning to take way too long to do this with a fine tip. Thank god for fat permanent markers!

utt-oh...I just noticed a caution message underneath the editor window here, saying 'could not connect to Saving and publishing may fail. Test connection now.' Well poo. I guess we'll see if this works.

hey. it disappeared with that last carriage return. Curiouser and curiouser!

I think me I'll hunt down a watermelon tomorrow.

(OMG! I just typed in the Title for this post and I got it nearly right without a dictionary! ::dancing around:: I had it 'le jardin de la nuit' but there needs be no english: the night garden)


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