Tuesday, June 20, 2006

bonnie g'morning!

The small miracle for today? Well maybe there are two..or more...but the african violet is STILL BLOOMING!! Trying to find the first post I made of that, I thought it was in April. Yeah it was because that is when my brother died, and that is when and why I was given the african violet. Wow. It's been two MONTHS that it's been gifting blossoms!!!

Another small miracle...Jamal. I've known him for years and he is also a massage therapist. I underspent my grocery budget this week so I have enough left over to go and get a massage. And insurance pays 80% (up to six visits per year, which is a pittance, but hey, it's something!!). There is some major *&%$#-ed upness going on in my neck. I slept on it wrong night before last...you know how those things just get worse as the day progresses? Well that is what happened although..hey! I think those two ibuprofen just kicked in! I'm still going for a massage. I always leave patron gifts for him, since I don't tip him monetarily (I guess some people do that? like when you go for a haircut??). So I'm making banana bread with those overripes. Food gifts are good.

I darkened up the shpongle-induced drawings I did in the wee wee hours last night and re-posted them. I like 'em better. I used crayons because it was faster to color in but I think it would have looked better with markers. Ah well, it was really fun just doodling last night and seeing what happened.

Another small miracle: I slept until a quarter to nine this morning! woo! that was much needed.

And now, I need to clean the kitchen and maybe do a doodle before marching myself off to the parlor. I mean health center :^)

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Perfectly Normal said...

I was checking out your block while looking at the scribble/doodle thread and I really felt that I must comment on this post.

Someone gave me an African violet when my brother passed away as well (April 2003). I am perfectly hopeless with indoor plants but this one has stayed beautiful and happy and strong. May yours continue to bloom and bring you some comfort.