Friday, June 23, 2006

talkin' 'bout miracles

here is a big honkin' milagro!!

While I was on that Katamari website, listening to Dukaka do his thing, I thought I would like to see if I could record it using Audacity. As soon as I opened the application, the sound cut out.

Did I panic?

Not...a lot.

See I've been through similar snafus. I download the new MAC OS X version, and the sound cuts out, or the pictures, or something weird. I've spent HOURS and HOURS scouring for information why. And I remembered something about Hz in prefs and also about starting up Garage Band, quitting, and the sound comes back. Two little things, that took me about eight hours to find on the internet.

Bless those souls who posted information. Now I shall do the same, because starting and quitting Garage Band fixed the problem, and I can hear the sound on my videos and everything now. WHEW. The other thing you can try is to change preferences and lower the Hz to 9600 or 9800. That worked once for me too.

So I wonder if this will turn up in search engines, a list of words that may direct some other poor unfortunate soul this direction and help someone else in turn.

Mac OS X
no sound
garage band
zap PRAM
lower the hz

So let me repeat for anyone out there who may be crawing around on the web looking for answers: if there is no audio, or if there is no sound, on websites or on your home movies or no sound at all anywhere, try starting Garage Band and then quitting (don't even have to restart your computer but do it anyway if it's not working and then it might). Also try resetting preferences in any applications, for the Hz level, down to the 9600 range.

I dunno if that's gonna help but...maybe...

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