Monday, July 31, 2006

and on and on

Howdy do. Urgh, I sure am getting sleepy earlier these days. Oh, right. That tends to happen on a monthly cycle. My best friend is real tired right now too.

Well then, here's a short synopsis of my day. There are hordes of

fruit flies in my kitchen. What's the lifespan of these lil' buggers? Soon the place will be littered with fruitfly corpse husks.

I made another Tarot Card, this time The Fool. It's definitely bigger than ATC-sized though......and I like the red....I can always do a print, photocopy it, and do the ol' gel transfer method after reducing the photocopy size. Or, I could just reduce my original sketch down and trace over it with a pencil, transfer that on to another soft block and make another carving.....

And more Cake!!!

And also:

For Manekineko over at The Small Mail Art Project.

It's time. The time is now. No time like the present. Hie me to bed I will!

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