Saturday, July 08, 2006


Howdy. Whooo. What a week. I keep crashing, these unexpected blood sugar things. It's never really been like this before. Eeek. And I don't carb-load or eat very much refined sugar. So this afternoon I was basically a puddle on the floor of suckiness and drool. For cryin' out loud! I even ate a really good lunch, protein, vegetables. I was full...and three hours later I was starving. So I ate a scone, and drank some almond milk. And forty five minutes later I was shaking and jittering and so freakin' tired I couldn't think straight. Hmmmm.

Made some awesome bread though!!! And I even managed to do some art, posted it on this page here. Did a fun doodle earlier in the week for an add-and-pass. Richard Canard in Chicago, who regularly sends me very fun stuff for my When X is Y Mail Art Call, passed me an add/pass thing and said that normally he doesn't really like 'em especially when there are 29 mail artsists and there he is with his magnifying glass looking for the last centimeter to squish his two cent's worth in (that's pretty much word for word...the guy cracks me up). But, he likes to work with Rael (he's sent me stuff too, he's great) and me (aw shucks) so he thought if I could just add a thing and send it back to the originator it'd be great. So I Did. Actually I got off on hogging the whole damn rest of the page, since I wasn't gonna send it to anyone else....ha haaaaaaaa!!!! (there is also a new video over on the mail art call page, a fridge jam session) (it ain't all that, but it was fun at the time)

Well I guess I was going to dazzle you with details of my last glorious weekend day, earlier in the week. But the week got away from me. Suffice to say...I rode over to Target in the evening of the 4th and bought myself some erasers to carve into, with some of the money I earned by cashing in on my neighbor's reluctance to deal with his matterhorn of cans and bottles ($35 I'll have you know....whew, got another doctor bill out of the way! YES!!!). Then I treated my own self to an ice cream cone and I asked the young fellow behind the snack bar counter to make it a big scoop and charge me. He didn't charge me, he even washed his hands, and he scooped a big scoop of strawberry cheesecake ice cream on to a cone for me. I went outside, sat down on the warm pavement with my things spread out around me, a little picnic like, and thoroughly enjoyed that ice cream. I also ate a banana with it. It was a perfect eating experience. I was so satisfied. And I wasn't talking with anyone, I was concentrating on my food, which I love (I love socialising too, but really, I love eating in silence so I can focus on what I am actually eating). And I didn't have any weird sugar crashes, either!

Egads, once again. 'Tis grewed late. Oh wait though! I also got a sweeeeeet postcard from Eroica yesterday! Have a looksee if you like, I put it on this page. And Kat from N'ness and our art deco group sent me a great envelope with a hand-drawn card inside too...what great things to come home to this afternoon.

Now that my blood sugar or whatever is all stabilized, I feel like making all sorts of stuff. Wow what a difference. We're so chemically dependent, you know??? It's amazing we all work as well as we do. But I should brush and bow out of the day gracefully. Think I will watch some more Hideous Kinky, and call it good. Nighters!

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