Sunday, July 16, 2006

slow down

Such a great day. Ace bike ride this morning while it was still cool enough to not get all red-faced-sweaty and overheated, I guess my chi was really flowin' through the channels today because I just felt energetic and GO-ey. Love that!!! Fixed a great breakfast and did art all day, listened to music......right now it's my pal Chuck's collaborative effort with a friend of his. Chuck who introduced me to Dirty Three. I love this CD of Chuck and Phil's oh my GOD it's so golden. Makes me wanna cry. Which is good.

So I just couldn't pass up an opportunity to could I? Of course not. The above is ATC-sized. Also did some more Mr. Cake mail art and stuff today, which, being the librarian/OCD-er that I am, had to archive next door.

That's a warp. Or wrap. Either way.

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