Sunday, July 30, 2006

here, there, and back again

I think I still need to tinker a bit with this, but I wasn't satisfied with the block ink print method, so I tried a new one: acrylic, on some cheap black construction paper. Just fiddling around, trying to loosen up, and play, dammit! hee hee. Feeling pretty topsy turvy and all the last couple days or so. My friend Becky said she wants to send me an ATC tarot card, The Devil. Can't wait to see what she did with that. So I said I'd send her one back, and this is what I carved, from a picture I took of myself a couple three weeks ago. At first, I was going for The Fool. But this isn't the Fool. No. This is The Magician. Pretty pertinent stuff, this. Am I on my way to making a full deck? Dunno. But certainly traveling along the fool's journey.

Maybe The Fool will come a-knockin' tomorrow and I'll carve that out.

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