Saturday, July 29, 2006

more buggin' bejimminnies

I wish that chick, what's her name, Kiera Knightly? Did I spell that right? I wish she'd get a new face. I mean a new look. I mean for crying out loud every magazine cover and picture I see of her, it's the same halfly parted lip schtick, like what is she...reaching for a straw....?

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epicureans answer said...

tis true ,,,,,,but did you know in the states they insist on airbrushing her a cleavage on every promo and magazine shot,,,in the uk they are happy to show her with what nature provided,,,,,which is exactly nothing,,,,,nowt, zilch,,and you know what ,,,,,,,,, the original is so much better than the pandered amended bastardized version.......

man, changing someone and lying to sell stuff,,,,,,,,,,,,like thats mora??......erm ok,,,,,,,probably a good job i dont run magazines, a business or a movie studio's :-)