Sunday, July 02, 2006



The bike ride was amazing, felt energetic and energized for the whole hour and fifteen minute trip along the river. Perfect weather, not too hot at all, but sunshine galore. Fed myself a yummy breakfast. Received some awesome emails!! Hi girls!! Thank you!

Then, I ate a piece of banana bread a couple three hours later and...I guess I crashed? This happened yesterday after I ate something with sugar in it. I mean, kinda shaky and soooOOOOooooo tired. Just awful! It's a strange reaction, not one I usually experience. So I laid down for an hour and dozed.

Kept sitting down at the art table to create something and...nothing happened. Trying not to freak out about it, just go with the flow like I tell you all/my friends to do. The muse just needs a break, apparently. But damn. I feel bereft. And hyperbolic.
But also:

I guess I did make something today, really.....I sat here for at least two hours going through tons of music I'd downloaded and shuffled off into folders for sorting through later. Got rid of lots of stuff that was okay but not particularly moving, and made a CD mix for myself, in preparation for sitting at the art table and doodling around. It doubles as one of those cone devices, to keep my index finger from gnawing at the others:

Gotta keep that pointer finger in line.

Guess I'll Samurai Champloo? Robot Chicken? Stuff I've downloaded and seen some of but keep saving for times....just like these, actually. What a strange day. Ah yes, oh's the hormone flux! Oh who knows. Maybe I need to eat some protein.

PIZZA!!! That's what I need!!!

Just can't help but wonder if I'm somehow tuned into something else that's going on. Feel...just dissatisfied, at a loss..kinda sad now and then too. Christine I hope you're doing okay - her sweetie pie is leaving either tomorrow or the next for Korea to teach english for a year. It's enough to make me cry even though he's going to have a great time, it's going to be such a change for C. I met her through Swap Bot. She made me the most awesome CD mix, which gave me courage to try my own hand at it. I listen to her mix about once a week or so. I have lots of good memories associated with it - of me sitting at the art table making things!

Well maybe there is something going around...a few of you have been feeling kinda blue this week. Wish we all lived closer together, we could have a right proper shindig. My best friend Jacque has been sick ALL FREAKIN' WEEK! She says it's illegal to be sick in the summer. I quite agree. Dang!!

Okay well. Guess I'll go do something. I changed out the brakes on the rear left side, on my bike. Why did I only have one pad, not a set?? Did I just put one half of the set on last time? I must have! Must wear unevenly. I will feel better when/if I ride tomorrow though, so..why do I feel like I need to accomplish something today? Where are all these Shoulds coming from? I need to do a banishing ritual of some sort.

And it involves eating pizza and watching Uma Thurman in a chick flick, I bet.


frogstar said...

big hello from over yonder sea...
i think it's only natural that someone as creative as you has an "off" day once in a while. it's probably the right side of your brain enforcing a wee slow-down... and i have no doubt you'll be back to your wonderous creating soon!

Etayne said...

Hey girl!
hang in there, it will pass. Always does.
Love the Elizabethen finger collar.
wicked... :)

V.K. said...

thanks hug!

no really I do appreciate it, and I also do think my hormones are in overdrive.

frogstar said...

pesky blighters, those hormones.
and for the record... my word verification is RIDICULOUSLY LONG!

V.K. said...

ooo-er! at work we are supposed to switch to passPHRASES instead of about typing a novel before logging in to anything..the quick brown fox jumped over the...blah blah blah

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