Saturday, July 22, 2006

doot de doo

No doubt these doodly doos will work into a variety of mail artables. Today at work (damn City workers! don't they ever really work?!) I cracked open a Communications Art magazine and had at it with a Uniball pen. I needed to loosen up and do something unrefined. Hence:

(I made her deliberately not pretty)

(same here)

(why did I add those squares?)

(he was a perfectly ordinary Kerry-lookalike until I got a-hold of him)

(someone's shadow monstery face for the inspiration and I took it from there)

(this looks like one of those 'are you an artist?' tests you find in magazines....original graphic was it's like...Tom of Finland ready to reel 'em in)

(and this one, just came outta nowhere, was just making a line, and then it looked like shoe (the left one) and then.....huh)

This was taken this morning before leaving for work, I was lying on the floor of my bedroom, pondering the meaning of life, hormones, and everything. Origami cranes suspended from the ceiling.....many folds, many meanings, grasshoppah.

And then I looked behind me.....had to park my mountain bike in here because of the apartment painting and so-on.

Time for some early zzzzz's so Jacque and I can beat the heat in the morning with a bike ride!

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Etayne said...

Now maybe she isn't a classic beauty, but she is kind of striking....