Tuesday, July 18, 2006

another glory day

I am officially entombed. All the windows and doors are masked off and the boys are gonna paint. They were scraping away at well before 8 this morning - and jacking up Pantera before the stroke of 9!! Cheeky monkeys. They're good blokes though, so it's cool. And despite my late late late night and waking up at a quarter of eight I am a perky peach. I have no business being this wide awake. It's great though. So I've sequestered myself (with the help of Rusty and his crew, as I mentioned) inside this treehouse tent and am listening to some Jackie O MotherF....which is actually the best acid jazz experimental jam rock not glam rock folk but not bluesy twangy shit either....I love it so......and am letting some artilagenous ideas percolate in my brainpan.

Yesterday was all golden. Did a leetle mailarty for Rael, put your mouse on this.

Went for stupendulous bike ride too, up the McKenzie River, got some sun on mah skin and had a stowaway too....thought the lil' critter had jumped ship when I first took off but I got home and there he still was tucked up under the handlebars!

Mucked about in the kitschenstudio all day listening to hours upon hours of tuneage, and rreeeeally late night early morning (like, 'til two o'clock) did a carving although I think I'll need to do another because this one - it's almost there -

and a little collagey ATC sized somethingorother I'm not sure where I'm gonna use this although I do have a few idears:

Looks like someone finally escaped the city.

On with my day here, time to hunt down breakfast with a butterknife.


Odilon said...

I love how every time I visit your blog there is frabulous new art on display.

frogstar said...

i ditto that.

V.K. said...

awwwwwwwww......shanks you girls......