Saturday, July 01, 2006


Hurro! It's my friday at any rate...and now, officially my weekend. Hurrah! What happened to the week? Again with the time warp!

Just had to do another Mina to Watashi...not printed, but stamp-pad. This one's on watercolor paper, doesn't bleed so much. Carved from a little eraser, wow I am still amazed at how I can do that. Love the tools!!

And here is another piece of the puzzle. ATC-sized:

This time I added the kanji (characters) and hiragana (characters, kind of). It's a japanese proverb:

* Anzuru yori umu ga yasashi.
* Literally: Giving birth to a baby is easier than worrying about it.
* Meaning: Fear is greater than the danger. / An attempt is sometimes easier than expected.

(from Wikipedia)

I know that if you say 'abunai!' it also means danger. I like it with the image and everything I think. The eyes...they're...wonky in an unsettlingly cool way I think. Didn't mean for that to happen. And she's rather ghost-like. The puzzle piece seems more substantial than she does. I don't really plan these things but I like it when they happen. I worked from a photo I took of myself.

oh geez I am growing heavy in the lids extra hours at work though, whew and hurray for that!! Several week's worth. And I only brought home ONE book today, after shelving in the stacks for a few hours. A book on japanese block printing. I just happened to shelve a book right next to it but oddly it wasn't on block printing...the book was written in 1963. It's charming, and very informative, and just lovely. And, it even has samples of washi (paper used for printing) STILL INSIDE THE BOOK!! The little pages are just affixed inside by the corners, not even really glued down hard. Amazing. And oooh ahhhh I want some.

g'night all

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