Wednesday, July 26, 2006

breaking the wave

Made another cake-a-riffic mail art for Haddock yesterday! hee hoo!

Also, some bookmarks for a swap over at Swap Bot:

The above here is hand-drawn with a silver gel pen, the kind you shake up like a spray paint can. Oh no worries, they're totally environmentally safe. Then I daubbed on some red bits. I like the contrasts.

For the above, I glued on a portion of some acrylic and gel medium stuff I'd smeared together and then let dry - cool huh! I just fingerpainted some colors together, mixed in with gel medium, on a big plastic lid that came with a yogurt container (handy, that - lids!). Then I let it dry and it peeled off in one big sheet!

Here's the backside of it, using some samples I got from Strathmore (you can email 'em, they'll send a parcel your way):

Now this here is my favorite, I think. I used a sample of paper made especially for acrylic. I had a heyday fingerpainting with 'em (my friend Jacque permanently loaned her acrylic collection to me...weeeoooo!). Then I laid down a coat of gel medium to prep it for the gel transfer you see, the heart, which is from CrapHound, basically a cool clip art book. The issue I pulled from is Hands, Hearts, and Eyes.
YES!! I must make more!

The boys painted my front door this morning. I made zucchini bread so they'd have some brekkie -- one of the guys gave me two huge zucchinis from his garden the other day (and some beans too....yummers!). So away went the stars I'd stencilled on but I requested some touch up paint so that I can paint more stars on my door and then just paint over 'em if anyone said anything about it. I am loving the stencilling schtick. The crew worker came by and said I'd tag anything - true dat! He asked if I would stencil their outhouse (which is sitting right down there by our parking spots, it's rather sweet actually, among the trees and pompous grass or however you spell that). I have the perfect idea.

Off to clean up zee kitchen and schtuff.

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Etayne said...

OH! I can't wait to see that!