Monday, July 24, 2006

heat wayvey

oh ugh okay I still love summer but....ick. 34c at 9pm??? COME ON!!!

Sunday = skinnydip in river. Good. Very good. Today = cold shower, good, but not as.

I gots a big ol' twitch in my getalong! Tried to draw, and okay I did but then.....poopy. So then I tried to do something with that, and's just way too obscure. But, a good representation of where I was, so, okay fine:

(ATC sized)

and then, the poor little grasshopper who lived hanging upside down on the kitchen ceiling finally gave up the ghost and is still lying prostrate on top of the fridge with friends in background giving eulogy:

Worked on some decos, no pics right now (I finally did loosen up and make something I really like though). Sleep.

oh but wait! I helped a friend's daughter set up a blog yesterday. If you wanna visit, you can highstep it over this-a-way.

now sleep.

1 comment:

Tony LaRocca said...

Poor grasshopper- never was able to take pebble from hand, was he?