Friday, July 14, 2006

art in the afternoon

I did a quick sketch and carve and stamp on lunch today. We're all feeling a bit grumbly about this whole Princess visit. I mean, we even had to get a red carpet. And the throne I told you about, right? And we are being asked to wear dresses below the knee and long sleeved shirts (very gender-specific-stereotypic dress, that is). Uh...sorry...I don't own any of those things. Ok, ok, there are some long-sleeve shirts in my wardrobe. I can try for that. Or just keep my bare elbows out of eyeshot. Charity, who I work with, said that if she was a dignitary and went to Thailand she wouldn't expect the people to greet her with Birks and a Big Gulp, to honor our diversity and try to make her feel at home. Good point.

No one will be able to pass into or out of the building between 10 and noon tomorrow, either, in the interest No one has explicitly said WHY, only hints and allegations. It's weird, I tell you. Ok so you have the great good fortune of being born into Royal Blood. Who decided these things anyway. I suppose if you are a generous leader that is cool and all, but...the whole royalty thing leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Humans. We are so egotistical. Meh. Anyway. Thus, the image, and I made 'calling cards' today and handed them out to the largess:

We saw a picture in the paper today of the Princess being greeted by our locals, I guess at the airport (she 'alights', she doesn't just 'land')...and she was wearing a suit dress...that alit above the knee!!

I am sure she's not really into all this pomp and circumstance. She's got to be kidding herself if she is. Hell no I wouldn't really want to be a Princess...although I act like a haughty B sometimes.

Worked extra hours tonight so home later than usual - it was great though. Got to hang out and shelve with one of my favorite people, who I hardly see anymore since we now work on different floors and extra hours aren't a real regular thing for me to join the crew downstairs. Chuck brought along some tunes (we shelved after hours, no populace) - Dirty Three's Ocean Songs. Wow did that ever hit the spot. I think I just may count them among my new favorites. Perfect pitch. Chuck says it's sad, clean, and pure. I agree...but said that it is also sultry music. The kind that makes me feel boneless. The kind you want to create to. However you create.


Etayne said...

Victoria --
you are so funny!
I cracked up riding your "visiting royalty" report.

Etayne said...

make that "reading".

V.K. said...

hee hee, ride, read, it's all the same, right?

I hope you had a great weekend with your sweetie...I just got home so I am gonna read emails soon, thanks E!!