Thursday, July 13, 2006

honey bucket

There is now one of those port-a-potties standing underneath the trees over by the cars down below...the boys are powerwashing this week, the apartments are really really gonna be painted! I made a 54 song CD while they were sogging away out there yesterday, I call it The Powerwash Mix. It rawks. In a techno-electronica-whacky-downtempo sorta way. I got myself a nice big bruise on my upper arm, it's really quite a beaut, and I guess I must have whacked myself a good one dismantling that little roof thing that Jacque made for me, that covers (covered) half the porch. I don't remember doing it, yet there is the evidence. My body is taking a beating the last week or so...I keep cutting my fingers and stuff.

Anyway...the moon is HUGE and yellow, it rained hard the other night in the middle of it, smelled SO damn good the next day I couldn't stop taking in great big lungfulls of air just for the summer rain smells.

The Princess of Thailand is visiting Eugene on Saturday. Now this is a BIG DEAL folks. She is holding court at our little library!! And we had to hunt down a throne for her. And we are being requested to wear formal attire, which basically in Eugene consists of anything more than Birkenstocks. Maybe we'll all shave our pits, too. (yeah right) Alas and alack, as I have already informed my friends, I have no formal attire (I also don't even have Birkenstocks). So I will just stay well out of eyeshot. I'll be a lurker, stick to the stacks and shadows.

Had fun doing some ATCs for an All For One Collaboration, in which our illustrious hostess paints a 'vague and secret' HUGE painting, cuts it up into over two hundred ATCs and sends 'em out in lots of six to those who want to doodle paint collage and whatever-else-have-you onto them, then she'll reassemble them into the painting again and send us prints. Here is one:

And the rest are in a little album over at Yahoo. I had fun with stencils, gel transfers of my drawings and portions of my prints, and collage, also some hand-drawn little guys. That was fun. I wanna do more assemblage like this, I've been on a kick with it.

adieu, y'all

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