Monday, July 03, 2006

feh part two

Well, okay. Today I think I am on to myself a little earlier. I'm just going with it, folks. I haven't done anything original in the artistic hands-on drawing sense, but I did snap some pictures which you can gander at here and also here.

This morning I snapped pictures of things I drew on a post outside my front door. I drew them with a wooden matchstick after I'd lit my cigarette. So I must have drawn them about three years ago, maybe more since I quit smoking way more than two years ago. They've stayed, but they'll be covered up soon: the apartment complex is being painted soon. We've got to have our stuff off porches by wednesday. Gah! Where to put stuff??? So I did laundry today so I could hang it out to dry on the back balcony since it'll be awhile before I get to do that.

Oh yeah I did a little doodle yesterday on The Scribbler. Maybe I can work it into an ATC, copy it and do a transfer or something. Well I made the attempt, that is what counts.

Got bunches of paper in the mail! Samples from different companies. Most I can use at least for ATCs because there is enough free/unprinted on space. Amazing. These companies have money - one shipped Priority, another FedEx, and then UPS. It's freakin Grand Central Station around here all of a sudden! I love free samples!

And there is bread in the maker, mmm mmm. I will be dining on a thick slab with butter in a very short while. Maybe I will draw something now. Maybe I won't. Hope you're all doing fine as frog's fur. Where did that saying come from??? I must look it up now! Hmmm...I still don't get it. So what if it's so fine you cannot see it. I couldn't see the fairy in Trish's wonderful ATC card either. What if all semblance of fancifulness has left me???

I couldn't bear it. Mabye I'm just overtired. I think frogstarstrikesagain is right. My right brain is just needing a break. Or is it my left. Hurry up and bake, bread.

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frogstar said...

aah yes, the frogstar is always right...
fresh bread sounds good, can i visit?