Friday, July 14, 2006

art in the morning

So last night, going to bed at a reasonable hour....could not fall asleep. And then, a mosquito. Barnstorming. Over and over. Finally I pulled the cover over my head and left a breathing hole for my nose. And finally I fell asleep. And was up at 6:30, one hour before the alarm.


So, some art. His lover returns to the sea and he cannot follow. It's as much the size and format as an idea that comes from who knows where that informs the tableau. Was trying to think of a way to convey distance in a small space. And as a kid (actually, still to this day) I loved to swim underwater and it's always been my great disappointment that I don't have gills anymore.

good day!

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frogstar said...

awww. poor wee man.
hey i received your wonderful envelope of suprises... thank you! and i just realised that i didn't reply to your last n'ness message... big oops!
so i'll make up for it today, promise, but first i'm off to a 2nd hand book sale.
hope you're having a good day ( i should look up the time difference) and i'll catch you later on.
:-) eroica