Sunday, July 16, 2006

i-i-it's my party

I didn't see the Princess today, I avoided all pomp under all circumstance. Ha. But I heard other people got all decked out, and I saw the cop cars surrounding the entrance when I arrived for my shift. Someone said something about false imprisonment, the no-exit-no-entry business.....hmmm, yeah, not everyone has a prox card that'll let 'em out the back way......

Oh god I'm sleepy, but you know, I just had to finish what I started.

The above it ATC-sized, mixing elements of collage and pen/ink drawing, watercolor, and those two guys I drew and then cut out of construction paper. Jessye sent me some paper scraps, those in the talk bubbles.

I was dancing to U2's The End of the World. It's juuuust a little bigger than ATC-sized, I tried to make it fit but as it often happens, I run off the panel. So I dunno...I really like it!..but maybe I'll end up doing another smaller so I can print off some ATCs with this one.

time for BED.

1 comment:

Pam said...

Nice work; I like them both. What do you think the two guys on the roof are talking about? Probably the dancer. lol