Thursday, July 20, 2006

daze end

I am such a crazy goose. I can't not blog even though I'm sick with tiredness. I have to barf onto a page some more before I can go to sleep, I guess. No artwork to show though...did a couple fun thingies in the journal that Haddock and I are nursing along, got a super postcard from him too which I will endeavor to post on the morrow. Having a real pisser of it with my left and right brain and heart, with life and art and the whole shebang....mama said there would be days like this. Rode the bus in to work at 3:30, it was real hot, and I was all of a sudden real hungry, yick. Dove into a mostly-eaten bag of ya-ya-popcorn sitting on our department table by the sink, shoved it into my mouth so much that it spilled and I looked back and there was a trail of popcorn crumbs leading over to our work area. Oh here, have a picture then, it's the aftermath of another journal I made yesterday for Chuck and I to collage in. And goodnight....for reals........

okay one more thing, I decided that I was trying too hard on that one print a couple days ago...sigh...but you see? we're all messy and beautiful. So it's all good, as the kids these days say.

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