Tuesday, August 01, 2006

stop making sense

A co-worker found this inside a book, written on a napkin in really cool/dynamic script:

This morning I:

Finished up an ATC thingy. Another gesso over cardboard, then acrylics, covered with a coat of gel medium and I wish to GOD this fly would leave me the hell alone, I am feeling a litte irksomed by it SHOO! and then I did a gel transfer of a photocopied ink scribblesketch with another coat of gel medium. It lacked something so I decided to collage on the ridiculously pink hat since she is oh-so-serious.

Art night was fun last night. Marsha's kids were there and I brought zuchhini bread (natch...I think I can make another two loaves with the remaining zucchini...no, make that four loaves). Megan whisked it away and cut it up into, not slices, but big chunks! Like a cake! That was so great. And Kendra brought flowers picked from her garden, which she said she did not have a hand in this particular corner, but her housemate Sandy did. Sunflowers, echinacea, and some other little pretty spray....Marsha and I split the bouquet. Oh yum.


christine said...

I like the ATC. (: (I've liked all of your prints actually.)

That napkin is interesting. Do you ever read Found Magazine?

website here: http://www.foundmagazine.com/

V.K. said...

hey chica...sorry long time no writey but I've been thinking about you - thanks for the huzzah and I checked out that site! that is cool! I can't wait to find something (else..well...I didn't officially find that napkin but I guess I could submit it anyway).

frogstar said...

isn't ecchinacea a beautiful plant?!? i remember being suprised when i first put the flower and the remedy together.