Thursday, March 02, 2006

home again home again jiggedy jig

Okay, I'm back home again after some minor surgery and outpatient hospital visit this morning. My girls (all the internal girl bits who reside in my nether regions are collectively known as the girls) have been very unhappy for a few years now, and it's gotten worse. So I found a good doctor and she went in and cleaned house (I still have all my parts, just minus a 'bunch of polyps' and maybe a much is a bunch? I guess I'll find out next week during our follow-up appointment). No pain (amazing - am I drugged and don't know it?), just really drowsy. Standing up at my art table for several minutes made me wobbly-kneed. So I moved to sit here instead and made another blog to house video clips and pictures of various personalities and sights around my neighborhood. Already it is turning into a Josie Shrine. Check it here if you are so inclined.

The doctors and nurses were all wonderful and I want to bake them cookies for all their good work - that's got to be a hard job, seeing and tending to so many people every day, who range from worried and slightly nervous at the least to total basket cases ("Drug me as soon as I get out of my car," a doctor told me one guy pleaded). My anesthesiologist hails from China, I had not the presence to inquire as to what region, but I asked how to say thank you (xia xia) and a couple other things which I've promptly forgotten.

In other news, the crew at work threw me a fabulous birthday party on saturday. All sorts of goodies - being the honorary, I wore the tiara for the day. Now who have I written to about all this? I know I must be repeating myself. But anyway, our supervisor made scrumptious date orange muffins we dolloped with sour cream - and rice crispie treats with espresso powder! Vrrrooom, baby, those were good!

(even though I'm thrilled to be the center of attention, you can see I am turning a nice royal shade of...blushing!!) OH for heaven's sake I'm too tired to dink around with this any more, to get it rotated, even though when I look at it on my desktop it's right side up. Bah for now.

And below you see my wonderful co-workers and good friends, Mo (Maureen) and Clark (the excruciatingly tall guy folding himself in half to fit in the picture frame). I love this picture. Thanks for the awesome birthday!!

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Issi said...

Oooooh huuuuuuurrrrrrraaaaa!!! You are come back :o)) The blog is super I can see your photos ...
Ps.My blog is amazing, here ;o)