Saturday, March 04, 2006

Post Op

Ugh and utter ugh. I actually showered this morning, and tried to put my earrings back in. I was marginally successful, one down, one to go (all the others are 'fixed' rings so instead of removing them for surgery, the nurses just taped them back to my head). I was too damn tired to fight with the left one any longer (you can see an empty spot in the picture...which may not be so obvious to you, dear viewer, but to me who is used to the earrings all in their places 24-7 I feel positively bereft). I did my hair big as compensatory ritual since I feel so awful - something's gotta have some life around here. You know, they mainline quite a cocktail for you in the O.R. My friend said, 'what you are describing sounds like withdrawal symptoms to me!' (shaky, adrenaline, exhaustion, disorientation, dizzy, nausea, uncontrollable crying jags....) ohh yeah. So if you ever undergo surgery, even minor surgery, don't expect to be bouncing off the walls and power-shopping or trucking around like your usual self in a day or two. I'm going to drink some decaffeinated tea now, and contemplate my next move.

ah hells I don't know what is up with my iPhoto, it's not importing pictures so that I can get them right side up. Well...sideways is rather apt...

You can gander a vid over at hinterlandia. An ode to Post-Op-Expressionism. I'm listening now to a recorded BBC radioshow called Breezeblock, hosted by the inimitable chanteuse Bjork: a perfect foil to my touch-and-go-infirm state (thanks to Clark my good buddy for the musical birthday gift!). She's hand-picked music that has inspired her...a great collection. Where does Clark find this stuff?!?

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