Thursday, March 16, 2006


Well after experiencing most of the day feeling like a chewed up and spit out prune (I don't know about you, dear reader, but after several nights of fewer than 8 hours' sleep and last night's five hour nap...that is what I felt like), I perked up this evening, dashing to and fro at the library picking up things that people habitually leave lying around (job security, we joke) (ha). I wore an awesome green belt I found at the thrift store, for a dollar, and an awesome green shirt I found at the thrift store for three dollars...I didn't realize that St. Patrick's Day was upcoming. Honest. I told my coworkers that I would just wear the same thing tomorrow, no sweat. I hardly EVER wear green.

I think I am enjoying a false sense of awakenessosity and expect that I will crash in a big way any second. So I better go brush the teeth and bid you all bon soir. But I really am enjoying these under a minute sketchings...forces me to loosen the hell up and just DO IT instead of getting lost in premeditation (which has its merits, certainly).

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Issi said...

Its suuuppeeerr! cool etc :o) I love it.