Friday, March 17, 2006

double vision

Well I think I am getting caught up on crows (that I heard this morning) AND I woke up before the alarm clock, at 7:30 - nearly 8 hours of sleep! woo hoo! This is the only morning I need to set an alarm, it's my 'early' day at work. Schweeet, huh. Yeah I think that alarm clocks serve a purpose but living by them is utter..c.r.a.p.

I found something else green to wear today, oh all right, I'll play. So during a lull today at the window (like there's ever any real stampede) I quick sketched this out using my under-one-minute-formula. (okay well maybe this took a minute and one-half) Two days of green in a row? Hmmmm. Gotcha!

Wow. I am so jazzed about the way this turned out! I was wondering how addtaddd got his drawings to look this, all spiffy white. I took advantage of the scanner at work (I don't own one, so I take pictures of my stuff with a digicam). ME LIKE!

I have to say how stoked I am, to be able to hold an image in my head of what I want to draw, and then (mostly) realize it on paper. It's a quantum leap for me, my friends. Sure I took a couple beginning art classes in college...that was over a decade ago, and there have been months and even years in between when I didn't draw or doodle at all. It's very exciting to be drawing and messing about again, and for me what is a sustained pitch and duration.

I realized this afternoon that elements of my life that have been superimposed upon one another are lining up now. My art has more focus - and I'm giving a lot of it away to people who are really supportive and encouraging. This is a new experience for me too. I feel a sense of contentedness about my place in the world and in my own skin that I've heard other people talk about, and now I think I know, experientially, what that feels like...or maybe it's that I am revisiting this after a long hiatus. As a kid I doodled constantly. I think art, like being in a tree or in the pool/ocean, was a daily part of my life. I was so happy.

I feel happy.

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