Tuesday, March 14, 2006

just can't stop

Well, since Blogger is being so cooperative and uploading pictures in a flash now, I'll addendum: what else have I got up to this evening?

A 20-second croakie (quick sketch). Inspired partially by something I've read about, 'self-portrait tuesday', and also a bloke in Toronto who blogs daily with his own visual poetry over this-a-way. Love his stuff. I went and put Ed Emberly's thumb book on hold at the libary after reading tonight's edition of Addtadd.

And, an ATC for the Hooters (owls! owls!) swap over at ATCards forum. Yes, yes, the owl and the pussycat! In a sweet pea-green-boat, of course! This one's done up with magic markers, gel pens, and my favorite G2 Pilot black ink pen.

Good lord I'm up into the next day again. It's past midnight, folks. Abientot!

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