Thursday, March 09, 2006

coming of age

Most folks here in the US would consider turning 21 and drinking themselves silly or sick a time-honored rite of passage that they eager await and engage in. I never really felt like any of that quite fit (doesn't mean I didn't try it on). Now that I'm on the other side of 35, I think I have finally experienced a rite-of-passage that makes sense to me and I'm thrilled to my everloving gills about:

I got a BrainCell from Ryosuke Cohen!!!

It was waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home. I'm beside myself with excitement. I can't wait to participate. He's been doing this for, what, over 20 years now. He's even on Wikipedia for god's sake. He asks us to send 150 stickers or a rubber stamp, and then he collages a bunch of images together and sends it out to the people who participated in that particular cell. I have an idea brewing. Not stickers, not this time. A stamp, made-to-order.

Couple days ago I got another fantastic surprise from artistamp maven (are males allowed to be mavens? I think they should be, if they're not already) Toast! Can't wait to respond to that either - another project to dive into. Check it out, it's fabulous:

hahahaaaa, see which stamp got postmarked by the USPS???

My many thanks, Toast! Be assured that when Bezoar County Proper's post office is up and running, we'll send along something for you.

And on a rant-and-rave-note...what the hell happened to the gas prices?! They shot up, what, .20 overnight or something? See what happens when you go underground and get your uterus cleaned out. You come back to, and the government only becomes more corrupt. Good thing I hardly ever drive. I guess I only really spend about ten bucks a month in gas. Do you think that the inflated prices will deter people from driving, and maybe ride a bike or use public transportation instead? Hell, no. Why, just the other day I saw a 50 foot motorhome cruising down the street. Where do people get the money for that kind of lifestyle??

Must go and laminate something. I got free endspieces from our mending department at the biblio - the self-adhesive book cover leftovers. OH my god I'm positively addicted. I am making book marks for a swap, and spiffing up some of my ATCs too - they look so glam. Okay, so we all have our vices: some people drive and use petrol; I stay home and laminate and use plastic instead.

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Karla said...

i got one of those too :)