Monday, March 13, 2006


...mmmm, bet you wish you had a piece of this home made bread!! Fresh outta the maker, the crust is just crusty enough and the innards are all warm and the butter is all melty.

So I couldn't wait to upload photos. I'm sure my huge following of fans can't wait either, so I've posted them on this page of My Screaming Memes.

oh! oh wait! it's uploading!

...god, what a bottleneck we've got going on. Is it uploading time in Tokyo, or something? Let's see if we can pinch off another one....I'm fairly obsessed. I should be lying on Le Couch watching Veronica Mars, but no, I'm sitting here like a Pavlovian experiment. I haven't actually started Veronica Mars, and I don't expect too much out of it but still...there's a chance it could be nerdycool and intelligently written...couldn't it? huh, huh?

I feel another blog coming on. Can one be too greedy with blogs, I wonder? In uploading these few ATCs, I'm realizing that it'd be much less cumbersome for a reader to just access the ATC page...hmmmm...more fun fiddling.

And now. Without further ado:

Second in a series of I don't yet know how many...pastels, and then cold-laminated with freebies from work. Above is Sirius' Sister; below is Symbiosis II. These two abstracts look much better in person.

Here we have 3 ATCs for a swap themed on Edward Gorey and Tim Burton, all hail! :

yes there really are such things as corpse flowers...they can grow up to 11 feet tall and weight a massive amount, over 110 kilos easy. They've a lovely fetid smell, to attract the dung beetles and suchlike that help pollinate them. The inside of them is a deep purple color, that of bruised flesh.

Here are a couple finished for an Asian themed ATC swap:

Now this happy go lucky dragon was a very involved little project. I think I was drawing and coloring, cutting and pasting for over two hours on the lil' guy tonight. The background has a watercolor wash, with salt sprinkled on it while it was still wet, then dried for the marbled effect. The dragon is drawn, colored, cut out and pasted atop for a nice 3D effect.

Now really. I must away. Adieu!

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