Tuesday, March 14, 2006

'obby 'orsing around

well boy howdy, what a night! Along about 6:30 I read an email from Martin in Switzerland exhalting the moon's effulgence. By 8:00 she's reaching towards zenith and I can see her rising above the treeline. You can gaze upon her faces through my lens one blog/page over if you fancy.

Then I set about making a stamp for Ryosuke's Brain Cell. Well it's not really a stamp, and it's not a linocut, because it's cut from a slim slab of rubber. These four pictures represent about 2, maybe more, hours' worth of messing about.

Here, I've cut everything away. Slivers abound. Never underestimate the power and value of a sharp exacto knife, oy!

Inking it up!

Burnished with a spoon, et voila!

Come a little closer, please.

So I learned about the hobbyhorse/dada connexion (maybe, there is debate, mootable of course) from Wikipedia and was fascinated by the 'obby 'orse connotation. Decided I need to make my mark with that. I think the print is pretty good...actually, it's pretty darn exciting all the way around to do stuff like this...but I'll clean up a bit here and there. Might be too much going on around the central image.

I'm listening to Dot Allison. She is so dreamy. She makes me want to bite my lip.

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