Monday, March 13, 2006

burning the midnight oil

Ohhhh mygodohmygod, it's getting really late again already!! Nearly elevensies now. Advantages of staying up late(r): traffic decreases dramatically, I can enjoy a little peace and quiet (not like it's New York City or anything but I live on one of the main arteries that hooks up Springfield and Eugene). Oh that's just one advantage. Ummmm. I like the nightdark even as I love the daylight - and when the neighbor across the courtyard turns on the light on his back porch, it throws perfect bamboo-leaf shadow patterns upon my bathroom window, which is one of those faux-frosted-glass numbers. We've got pine trees, holly, and bamboo in the courtyard. Quite the tete-a-tete, don't you think? It is absolutely beautiful, and I've tried unsuccessfully to photograph it. It's insanely picaresque. Maybe with a tripod and manual mode. Someday.

Here's what I've been getting up to:

ohhhhkay, Blogger isn't uploading pictures right now. Guess we'll have to wait for tomorrow then, and hope. Just pulled some bread outta the 'maker (saves my wrists from certain death). Mmmmm...whole wheat/white/rye studded with millet, flax, and sunflower seeds. YUM.

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