Wednesday, March 08, 2006

back in the saddle again

...well, mostly. I went to work today, after what seems like eons away. Only had one bad spell where I thought I might need to grab the garbage can and yoik. Hey things is gettin' better, I'm serious! I defrosted the freezer today, maybe that is what wore me out.

So a recap: sunday was awesome despite have my uterus dilated and curettaged (ok I promise I'll stop referring to it...someday soon) and feeling upside-downsey. Jacque brought me over a home-baked cake, to make up for the one she made the previous week that I couldn't eat. As she was recounting the ingredients of the first pumpkin-ginger-surprise, she realized she put soy milk in it and we both howled and groaned and laughed our asses off (I am really allergic to soy). She also put candles on that cake in the shape of '27'. Now THERE'S a best friend for you, taking ten years off your biological age!! She cracks me up - that sounds like something I might do and I love her all the more for it. So this last sunday, not only did she make me another cake, but she made this yummery orange sauce to slather it with too. Oh. My. GOD. It was so good. You gotta understand, Jacque doesn't spend a lot of time in the kitchen. But she's always good at what she tries out (I told her that she made me sick that way, but again, I love and admire her). We went for a walk too, you can see some piccies over at hinterlandia (will I never tire of self-promotion?!).

And J did her first animation!! As soon as I/we can figure out how to get it from a .psd (photoshop) file into a .gif, I will load it up. It's awesome, J is a genius. I made ATCs while she did, so it was a really good evening of creativing and many guffaws over the animation (just wait 'til you see).

I spent monday in a state of aggravation for the first 2/3rds, mucking about with my computer and various applications, trying to get it all synched up and working again. I read TONS of literature and talked to several people and eight hours or more later I figured out most of it. In the evening, I was so relieved and happy to just pick up a hand-held tool and make art. Didn't need a technician or a three-foot-thick manual to know how to work the exacto knife or put the pencil to paper and draw a figure.

This cartoon is very timely:

(click on the pic to go larger)

Crikey, I was gonna get to bed earlier, I am so flippin' tired. I started to watch that Kate chick in Underworld last far her features haven't resolved themselves into anything unique - she looks like any other gorgey kick-ass girl (I was also bleary-eyed-tired and uterus-shocked when I watched the DVD last night). But Evangeline Lilly of Lost rather looked that way to me too, when I first saw her. So Underworld is about what I expected, but it may surprise me yet. I am positively yearning for a good vampire flick. I am partial to the kind of color palette in the movie, reminiscent of Matrix of course. I'll have another go tonight before lights out.

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