Saturday, August 18, 2007

de udder

de udder

a quick 'n dirty postcard for someone

The girls dropped by this evening to whisk me away! Down the road, Jacque discovered that one of the local farms also sells ice cream. In big waffle cones. A lot of ice cream in one scoop. For one dollar and forty-nine cents. Talk about bang for your buck! We all ate Marsha's combo of bordeaux cherry, and this fudgey brownie chocolate, layered on top of each other. Joy!!!!!!!!!!!

and I'm off to maybe, really, actually just sit down and watch a movie?! I might even make it through the opening credits before falling asleep......if I don't do that in the shower first (despite the sugar in a cone).

(ps - those weren't asian pears in that tree, they're yellow plums, and they're not very sweet, but they might be once I dry them which I plan on doing tomorrow....I picked an obscene amount on my way home from work)

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