Thursday, August 02, 2007

bygone eras

I must own that the bygone era I'm glad is gone is the one in which I lived atop Mount Doom. That was three months of my life I'm sure I'll not reflect on very often; in fact, it already seems very dream-like and definitely a means to an end (this end, which is a new beginning). And, to usher in a new era, there is nothing like Hourly Comic Day, right?! Right! Click on over to see what's up.

Came home by nine tonight, enough light left for a quick trip to the garden and bury my nose in the basil while helping it bush out by pinching off those ends. Kit put in some of our brassica this afternoon (brassica are cabbage, mustard, cauliflower and also broccoli I do believe)! Aw they're so cute.

And I actually did find a copy of Manfred Mann's Earth Band's Angel Station to download! Can ya believe it?! I'm saving that one.

Right. Time for evening ablutions.

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