Monday, August 06, 2007

you angel you

Okay here's the story. I was browsing one of my favorite animators that I found through Drawn! illustration blog. To see if he'd uploaded any new vids to his MySpace.

Grauzone is the video referenced, by the way. And it is pretty amazing.

I watched his new excerpt, It, God. And I was mesmerized. Dude is talent in aces.

So then I go looking at his friends, because usually I can find other interesting bits by association. The guy I drew is one of kontrast's friends. Should I put friends in quotes? Who knows, they might not even know each other. They might be best classmates. At any rate, I thought chekk (first on the 'friends' list) has a great profile and needed to be drawn.

Actually this guy chekk did the music for grauzone. More aces. His music is now piping from the internet into my studio. Ah, sweet!

Yesterday I realized that it's been a month since I have travelled by automachine. I have not been inside a vehicle for four weeks. It's been by foot or by pedal. Yesterday when I pedaled to a coworker-friend's garden and then over to the girls, I marveled at how easy it is to navigate around town here, since virtually every street has a designated bike path - not to mention the plethora of dedicated foot and bike paths with no allowance for motorized vehicles.

Will the sun part the clouds today, I wonder. It's perfect weather for digging garden beds and maybe planting some lettuc to tuck in around the brassica.....and Down To Earth is right next to the coffee shop.....wig wag my eyebrows go.

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