Wednesday, August 29, 2007

aaaand in this corner

And I say again, have I brushed my teeth or waterpic'd them today? I do not recall! I do not think so! I have been harvesting and preserving food like a madwoman over here. And doing art! I've got to pack my panniers soon and ride ride ride (my monday at work) but I thought I would at LEAST say helloooooo and post some pics of the things I've been doing lately in the studio, yo!

Some altered page action:

enchanté centerfold

so then

Some stencils:

(this one I hand drew on sunday sitting in J's shop; Jacque and I rode over to her house....10 miles from here!....harvested from her garden, and did art together - you should SEE the box she is making)

put a clamp on it

And three last night/this morning, messing around with designs:

three for the road #1

(the above is actually a three-part stencil and yes I hand drew it all! yey me! I'm drawing!)

three for the road #2

three for the road #3

(having fun with a 'fro)


oh wait! uurrrrrch! There's another i got wood! stint from yesterday morning!

and I made stickers! USPS Priority comes in QUITE handy....

grub's day out


(the peeples next door switched from country music to the Eurythmics while I was drawing this!)

zucchini gone bad

(my brush was loaded with ink - I needed to cover a bunch of solid black and this is what happened)

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