Sunday, August 12, 2007

my brother finally flies

Last night when those geese flew overhead, I sat back on my heels and wept. I was wishing that my brother and my mother could witness this beauty and I regret that there was a certain lack of closure with each of them before they died. I found myself missing them each. But, the missing feeling was good too.

My brother was named Christopher Robin and I was told by my mother that he thought if he ate birdseed, he would fly. He wanted to, so badly!

It wasn't until this morning that I really remembered that yesterday would have been his 45th birthday. My body, and I guess my subconscious, remembered last night in the garden though.

Sunflowers were his favorites. I was sitting under the umbrella of a huge one last night too.

Happy birthday, Chris.


carra said...

This is beautiful, and so touching. What a lovely tribute to your brother!

Anne said...

Does your brother really have the same birthday as my mother-- August 11th? She is a soaring spirit, celebrated her 75th in Corvallis on Sunday. I have a brother who flies with the birds now, too. Hm.

Don't those moments sometimes take us by surprise, though? Always slightly ethereal, never completely at ease. The mystery in the method, I think.

V.K. said...

thanks carra :)

hey anne! I heard about your trip north - happy birthday to your grandmother! The girls gave me some of their saltwater taffy :) (I haven't tried it yet, I'm saving it but not too long).

Okay - misprint! My brother's birthday is actually on the 16th. He died on April 11th though so.....easy to get mixed up, right? Sheesh. Sorry bro :)

Anne said...

First thing's first:
A. Trip SOUTH.
2. Mother, not grandmother.

My brother's birthday was April 23rd. He died February 10th in 1986[though that is speculation, forensic extrapolation]. His is one of the graves featured in my "road home" video on YouTube.

Glad you scored some taffy~ I bought a few of the oddly flavored pieces for myself [where else can you get away with "Holstein" for a spotted vanilla-licorice mix and "Creamsicle" for an orange-cream swirl?]. They're strangely addictive....

V.K. said...

....isn't Corvallis North? :)

oops, sorry Anne's mom! I should not post in haste.

'Holstein' is a GREAT name for taffy!!

Anne said...

Ooohhhhhhhh, yeaahhh~ Corvallis IS North. Sorry, I thought you were talking about my trip to California! Why would I think you didn't know North from South? My bad.

Can you believe it's raining in August?! My day off & I was gonna mow the lawn and wash the car....

Bet you're happy~ your little garden starts getting some rain!

V.K. said...

Hey the day turned not-rainy, I hope you mowed and washed!

Yeah I am sooo okay with this rain. It's warm, too, which makes a good bit of diff.