Wednesday, August 15, 2007

hangin' out

I made a magnet for Free Art Friday. When inspiration strikes, hesitate not!

hanging out

peeps for prez

I planted more greens this morning. Day. Afternoon. Some out in the garden, which I then erected stick fences around, big ones, and added some suckers from the apple tree that's going down one of these days - for shade purposes. The spinach and baby pak choy can't withstand a lot of direct sun right now. Then, greens and spinach and choy in the garden in front here. Fortified, natch. So far, everyone looks really happy and the ones who were wilting have perked up too.



frogstar said...

i love that through you i can vicariously quench my thirst for gardening...

V.K. said...

aye, 'tis a fever I'd not gladly break :)