Friday, August 10, 2007


People blog about the damndest things, don't we? But, I'm all for garnering sympathy from every quarter. Thanks you girls for the extra special sympathy about the wasp sting. Jacque and Marsha even obliged me last night: I stopped by on my ride-way home after work. They were great. And Jacque (well Marsha too but Jacque's culinary prowess definitely at work here) made a MOST excellent stir-fry with this ginger spread stuff, it's sweet, but it mellows and then.....ohhhh my god.

This picture does the thing no justice. Like, for instance, just how swollen my upper thigh was. Like Mt. Vesuvius. Still is, over two days later. I think I should carry Benadryl with me now, maybe one of those anti-anaphylactic kits too, just in case my body decides to become even more allergic.

Ice is great. Shoulda done that first thing. Instant relief, as long as it's right on the skin. Lesson for everyone: treat wasp stings asap! A poultice of baking soda works good too. Vinegar is great, although I didn't get that far. You know that apple cider vinegar cures every damn thing. 'Tis true. For example, I've never developed lumbago.

Here is some more mail art for Haddock. Sperm whales, I think. The kid looks not-happy. Hee hee. Maybe the poor child was bitten on the toe by a crab.

I stopped at another garden on my way home tonight. Oh god! I just remembered, Marsha called me the polyamorous gardener! I told them that Deborah invited me to her garden again ("oh, it's DEBORAH....De-bor-ah....." they teased me). So I harvested corn, beans, kale, and loads of tomatoes. A couple of beautiful squash. Tonight I ate a stir-fry with broccoli and cabbage in it, too, and roasted potatoes. Everything came from our gardens.