Friday, August 31, 2007


Will Victoria ever eat even the tiniest piece of fresh hot red pepper from the garden, even though it doesn't SMELL hot??


My mouth.

It burns.

But, earlier:

Some drop-off art for Free Art Friday:

art on the street, yo

a little closer


And on lunch, drawing with my new Sharpies (two 8-packs for eight dollars! what a deal!!!):

who's the grub

Well, our new schedules at work are now official and yesterday I bade Charity goodbye. I was not a little sad, truly. They yanked her away to another library for full-time, ostensibly until January. What a poor decision. Today I worked alone; next week or maybe the week after, I'll work with She Who Must Not Be Named.

Oh well. It's only a yob, and I yub it anyways.

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