Sunday, August 19, 2007


I try again :)


My first cow was a cat-cow - I mean, lookit those teats. Cows are in the back, eh.

I didn't quite finish Mr. and Mrs. Smith last night, I was soooo tired, but it was definitely not for lack of interest! It's surprisingly good, and the cinematography isn't your standard fare either. Sure it's action packed, scenes switching perspective fast enough to induce seizures. But there is a quality to the film and filming that's a notch above the usual. And the dialogue is snappy - Jolie and Pitt work well together in this film. Another film I recommend for witty dialogue and fun surprises: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Another pleasant surprise. I laughed heartily.

Pears are dried! oh yum. Tomatoes are in now. Ooh yeah!

Rain! Rain! Rain! No watering the garden today. Everyone's happy. This winter will be nothing but easy, methinks: there are so many windows in this place that even when it's overcast, cloudy, or rainy (usually all three occur simultaneously), there is so much light in here. It is practically a solarium. yip!!


Rrramone said...

This is so bizarre. ;-) Which is why I like it.

V.K. said...