Friday, August 17, 2007


I'm so tired I'm seeing cress-oyed :) But I must post! I must! Some mail art for Haddock, sent yesterday:

it's that guy again

I love greens, and lately, especially the bitter ones like collards, mustard, and broccoli. I stir-fried a mess of them this evening and ate two bowlfulls (bowls full?) for dinner.

I've been eyeing up this asian pear tree, it's parked outside of a row house down by the river. I see it every day when I bike to and from work. I want to knock on the door and ask if they harvest from it - looks like they don't. If not, I wanna pick a bushel or four and then slice and dry them. They taste REALLY good that way.

oh yawn and more yawn, good night

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