Tuesday, August 14, 2007

say wot?!

dancing with myself

last year's print, with a bit of watercolor for mail art sendings.


postcard mail art! for shmuel :)

This morning I found that a cat had shat in my front entryway garden. What did she do, eat the lettuce and then take a dump? Looks that way. Dammit! At leat it was only one (poop load, and lettuce baby). That makes two little lettuces in the six-pack that didn't make it (the first one died from heat exhaustion). Fortunately, the chard and the winter mixed greens were unharmed! Soooo....my morning went like this for a couple hours, erecting and fortifying barriers:


frogstar said...

this made me giggle.
which probably says more about my flu-ridden state of mind than anything else.

V.K. said...

okay, WHICH part made you giggle? oh, all of it?

ah cruds, froggy - you're on holiday and you're sick??? that sucks. I hope you feel better soon.

frogstar said...

nah, not on holiday, back in melbs now.