Wednesday, August 08, 2007

another turn of the page....

I would love to make a graphic novel. It would take me a very very long time, at the rate I draw and paint. For example, this little number was a two-hour (plus, probably) stint. I guess that includes picture-taking, checking on the home made bread, doctoring my (EXTREMELY PAINFUL) wasp sting, sketching, taking the bread out and eating the warm crunchy heels with pesto (o my god), penning, watercoloring, penning again......yeah I guess that is about right.

I also love the times when I sit down in a creative flurry and draw stuff that's really loose and it comes together BAM! That shines through too. Well there are days and then there are days, eh?

Also - it is officially still my weekend, as it's extended by a couple days this week, and I promised I would endeavor to find those pictures that are hanging in my kitchen, the ones that Jacque and I did together in December 2002. So, and here:

The background is a huge painting, by Jacque. Isn't it incredible? We didn't plan it like this, but the pictures and what we were messing around doing synched up so well with her artwork.

bon soir mes amis!


Zhenia said...

I'm going to be selfish here for a minute: I would love it if you did a graphic novel, but I understand the time thing. I've been working on my a graphic 'zine and -oi!- it's taking forever.

Sucks about the wasp sting. Eep!

I've been really enjoying your watercolour lately. And the print from the previous post is wicked!

Anne said...

Those photos are fuckin' amazing.

ellipsisigh said...

Oooh...eek...wasp sting! Ouch!

Hope you're feeling better soon.

I love the stuff your doing with the altered book drawing/paintings.


V.K. said...

Z! I can't wait to see your graphic zine. Yesh indeed these things take time.

thank you one and everyone for the great good cheering thumbs up on my art work, and for the sympathies too.....awww......I'm feeling better today.