Thursday, August 23, 2007


Hey! Where have you guys been??

I just noticed something new on my editor bar for composing a post - we can add videos now, instead of uploading to another host and linking to them! Well coool!!

So yeah, been a bit busy. Garden! Harvest! Preserving food! And the omni-present art mania. I'm totally hooked on stencils. Some of this guy, whose name continues to grow as people give me suggestions (Joe Rudolph Erronious Syngin-Jones so far, I'm stacking one name after another):

patron saint of blunt funkitude? Otherwise known as Joe.

joe blow

(I'm into stickers now too, ye can make them yerself)


that's whut i said


And this morning, I concocted this!!!


It's from a photo, check out Marazipan.

I must go to horizontal now.


carra said...

I love the last one - sooo cool!

V.K. said...

hey carra! thanks - whoopah! me too, I'm getting the hang of this spraypainting stenciling thing. I must own, I'm excited that I hand-drew the stencil for this one - since I want to hone my drawing skills. Tracing has its place too though :) thanks for stopping by, sorry I've been so busy to not return the visit!!! yeeargh!