Monday, August 20, 2007


keep on......

I did another - he needs a name. Any suggestions? This one goes out to Haddock. I think I'll walk over to the post office. I'm itching to get out-of-doors trip to Bi-Mart included purchasing two cans of spray paint, one of which I just put to very good use, tagging one of my art cabinets.


I'm addicted.

And, did I say OWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! again? I was stung by another wasp! Grrr.

Here's the first one:

And here's a pull-back view of the cabinet:

My new friend:

Love the name - it's perfect, is it not???


Zhenia said...

Bad wasp!

I wonder what would happen if it were named "Spray 'n Stay"?

V.K. said...

ha! good one....maybe it would discourage graffiti artists - you stick around, you maybe get thrown in the clinker.

ellipsisigh said...

Where are these nasty wasps? In the garden?

Anne said...

Damn, check out y'all's profile pix~ guess artists are all about the eyeballs. Hm.

Bummer, another wasp sting. Man, those really hurt. Maybe if you hit the wasps' nest with a little "Spray 'n Go," they'd... well,... GO. Do they sell "Spray 'n DIE"...?

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